Candle Store Chicago - Soy, Natural Candles

Visit our online store for natural candles made from soy wax and uniquely created scents for every occasion and room in your house. We use only the finest and purest ingredients in our candles. Know that you support our local economy and the local farmers when you buy a soy candle. If you compare a soy candle to a paraffin candle, you will notice the difference immediately. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum and release carcinogens into the air when burning. They also create soot, which you can see if you are burning a candle in a jar. Soy candles have a slower burn rate and keep their color and scent for longer. 

Candles have a long history and a long reputation for creating relaxing moods, pleasing scents, and a general feeling of well-being. In our candle Chicago store, you can find the perfect candle for any occasion, and if you want something special for an event or milestone, talk to us about our custom candles we can make just for you.

We offer fruity, floral, and herbal fragrances to choose from. Try fruity Lime basil and mandarin or floral scents like peony or lilac.

Soy candles burn at a lower temperature than regular candles, allowing a slow release of the essential oils and subtle scent.  A lot of love and care goes into the making of every candle, so the next time you want to create a unique scented atmosphere of relaxation, and comfort come to Bijou to find your perfect candle.