Dental Implants

Dental implants, once viewed as a very unique treatment option is now one of the fastest growing segments in dentistry for replacing lost or missing teeth. If you are a seasoned veteran or planning to do your first implant case, We are the first and best choice for all of your implant questions and treatment needs. Precious Art Dental Lab offers comprehensive dental implant planning services. Experienced technicians will assist you with choosing the right combination of implant parts, abutments and final restoration for the best possible result. We are experienced in completing your most challenging implant cases from start to finish. As part of our implant services, we can provide you with not only custom abutments, but we offer number of options to complete your case: PFM’s, BruxZir Solid Zirconia, IPS e.max and Lava. Precious Art provides custom implants abutments to correct variations in angle, depth, and rotations in the placement of implants, if all-ceramic crown is planned as a restoration, we recommend to use zirconia abutments or Hybrid custom abutments for better esthetic result than metal abutments. We work with numbers of implant manufactures available today like: AtlantisĀ®, Nobel Biocareā„¢, Zimmer, Straumman, Hiossen, etc.

Implant Benefits:

  • Accessibility to all major implant manufactures
  • Available titanium and zirconia abutments
  • Hybrid custom abutments (zirconia, IPS e.max)
  • Optimize soft tissue contours and crown esthetics
  • Customized for superior results
  • Custom implant abutments
  • Custom surgical stent
  • Feel More Like Natural Teeth
  • Increased patient satisfaction

Custom Implant Abutments

We offers custom implants abutments available in titanium, hybrid (zirconia glued to titanium base), and screw retained Titanium abutments are used in all regions of the mouth for cementable crowns. Hybrid abutments are commonly used in the anterior region with all-ceramic restorations and provide greater aesthetics. They are also used for cementable crowns. Screw retained abutment crowns are all in one crowns glued to a titanium base that are used in all regions of the mouth and offer great aesthetics and retrievability. Custom implant abutments are designed using 3-D CAD technology and then fabricated using precise milling machines.


  • Creating optimized emergence profiles
  • Excellence esthetic result

Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge

The BruxZir Screw-Retained Hybrid Bridge is a fixed , all ceramic implant solution offering a stable and esthetic solution for your edentulous patients . Constructed is the ultimate in strenght and longevity.

Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture

The Screw-Retained Denture he’s proven to be an effective replacement for remoweable prosthesis. Each Screw Retained denture is priced to include CAD/CAM precision milled titanium bar or ,cast-able bars, denture teeth, all labor, model and die work, analogs, set-ups, bite blocks, trip-ins and verifications jigs