Porcelain Fused to Metal


Porcelain fused to metal restoration have been used in dentistry for years and are okays an affordable and reliable choice. With selection of high quality Argen manufactured base alloy,Semi-precious and High Noble alloys with highly esthetic Ivoclar IPS In-Line porcelain overlay. We have crafted strong and esthetic PFM’s. IPS In-LIne porcelain impress with their natural appearance, crown blends in with the natural dentition like no other porcelain. Our accurate production process ensures great esthetic and optimum functional occlusal surfaces on all our PFM cases.

PFM’s Benefits:

  • Natural look
  • Long term solution for all restorations
  • High strength and durability
  • Affordable and reliable choice


Crowns, long span bridges and implants


With clinical proven bacteriostatic effect, Ceptek provides your patience with the most healthful, durable and esthetic PFM restorations available today.

CAPTEK Benefits:

  • Outstanding esthetic
  • Eliminates gray margins
  • Precision fit
  • Completely biocompatible


Crown and small bridge restoration

Full Cast Crown

Full cast crown restorations are a great option for posterior crowns,inlay, onlay and bridge. We offer yellow high noble gold, white high noble and full cast yellow noble alloy.

Full Cast Benefits:

  • Completely biocompatible
  • Unparalleled strength & durability
  • Exceptional fit
  • Long term wear resistance


Full cover crown and bridges, inlays.