Are There Connections Between Mental Illness and DUIs?

Those who suffer from mental illness are often likely to engage in substance abuse. Many people with untreated mental disorders self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to relieve symptoms. When someone is prone to abuse multiple addictive substances such as alcohol, it is not uncommon that it is because the person is suffering from a mental illness. A Harvard Medical School study of over 100 DUI suspects has correlated more than 45% of repeat offenders as having a major mental disorder along with their alcohol or drug abuse. In cases like this where a mental illness is combined with substance abuse, doctors will label the patient with a dual diagnosis as the sum of each condition.

When it comes to dual diagnosis, unique challenges arise with each patient. It is often impossible to determine which condition first occurred, making it very difficult to provide an accurate diagnosis with these overlapping conditions and conflicting symptoms. Similar to the effects of secondhand smoke, driving drunk is dangerous for both the driver and passengers, and bystanders. If you, a friend, or a loved one is suffering from mental illness, substance abuse, or both, you can find help with just one phone call. Our DUI Deerfield center has mental health experts and addiction care specialists standing by to provide you with relief. We specialize in dual diagnosis cases where alcohol or drug abuse combines with mental illness. Please find comfort by calling our psychology Deerfield center.

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