Dental Implant Courses and Trainings with TRINON COLLEGIUM PRACTICUM

Dental implantology has always been a big part of my interests. I was looking for a reliable dental implant courses that would allow me to gain a lot of practice and some experience. Unfortunately, most of them focus on traditional theoretical aspects. After some time of searching, my friend, who also is a dentists, recommended me this this implant training with TRINON COLLEGIUM PRACTICUM. I wasn’t convinced at first, but I made up my mind when I read some positive opinions of the previous participants. I have to confirm that they were all true! Thanks to this implant training I’m already able to offer professional implant services to my patients – that’s the thing that I expected.

Why is it really worth to choose these implant courses in the US?

There are a lot of issues that mark this live implant training out among all other courses. First of all, TRINON COLLEGIUM PRACTICUM is a family owned company. The dental skills are being forwarded with the time and generations. They have more than 150 Q-Implant Marathons organized what definitely makes them a really experienced team. Their surgeons managed to combine work with the passion that is running these implant courses. They have trained more than 3.000 dentists who had a chance to place even more than 100.000 implants. You need to agree that is quite a big amount, isn’t it? Such a number of placed implants is undeniably the best proof for practicality of these implant trainings. I need to admit that I was a little bit afraid on the beginning, however, the groups turned out to be really small and thanks to that my work was almost constantly supervised. After the few days I see a big progress and I feel really confident in placing implants. Obviously, I’ll develop my implant skills further, but this course was a great basis for that. I truly recommend TRINON COLLEGIUM PRACTICUM and their implant courses – thanks to them, the implants are not a nightmare for me anymore.

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