What is Icoone lymphatic drainage?

Are you looking for effective and safe cellulite treatment Mount Prospect?

Our Icoone body treatment Mount Prospect is a state of the art procedure for reduction of cellulite, wrinkles, furrows, and localized fat deposits. It also works for body contouring, face modeling, double chin reductions, pore reductions, and improving overall skin tone, 

Iccone body lymphatic drainage Mount Prospect is a powerful, yet painless, mechanical lymph drainage massage that uses a micro-alveolar stimulation technique, with rollers and tiny micropores, that works on connective tissue to reactivate collagen and elastin, tightening up the skin without surgery or harmful injections. 

This is most often used in cellulite treatment but is safe for the whole body. The reactivation of natural tissues via drainage lymph Mount Prospect also increases overall blood flow, and oxygenates the skin, leaving you toned and radiant.

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