How to prepare your subaru before winter?

  • Check your tire tread. 

Whenever winter is approaching, there are a few things that must be done to ensure your Subaru is ready. One thing that must be done is a tire check. You can check the treads on your tire using the Penny Test. If you can’t do the test, visit your Subaru service Schaumburg for assistance.

  • Fill up your tires

You want to ensure that your tire pressure is at the prescribed amount. If your tire pressure is low, you run the risk of getting into an incident on winter roads. If you know what pressure your tires should be at, you can check it at a gas station. If not, there is a Subaru service Schaumburg that can help.  

  • Change your oil and antifreeze

Changing your oil and antifreeze helps preserve your engine during the winter months. Getting a regular check-up at the Subaru service Schaumburg near you will help you get it done.

  • Fix your heater

For winter months, having a functional heating system in your Subaru is very important. The longer you’re in the car, the more you’ll need the heat! The Subaru service center Schaumburg nearest to you can help!  

  • Inspect your battery

During the winter, your Subaru’s battery capacity will decrease due to the cold weather. To avoid this, ensure that your battery is checked by a Subaru service center Schaumburg mechanic


Take your Subaru to the nearest Subaru service center Schaumburg to have all issues identified and corrected.

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