Dental Implant Placement Courses for General Dentists

When you have a dental practice to manage, it’s important to maintain your career progress and offer more to your patients. This is what dental implant courses can do so that you can boost your practice and expand your professional range.

But what should you expect from implant placement courses and what might you get out of them?

Implant Training Overview

During your dental implant training, you will be immersed in learning from experts in the field. You can expect to perform a minimum of 60 implant procedures, both as the lead surgeon and as the assistant, and it will all be done under the experienced guidance of an implant specialist. All this happens in a span of 5 days. And, yes, this is live implant training, so you will be handling real implant procedures for the hands-on experience you need to succeed and gain the skills to take back to your dental practice.

The Kinds of Procedures Your Implant Training May Include

As the dental implant training courses are completed on live local patients who are pre-screened, cases can differ. Each case, however, receives a thorough treatment plan that you coordinate with your instructor for the best possible outcome.

Cases can include, but are not limited to:

  •       Single tooth replacement
  •       Multiple implants
  •       Extraction and implant replacement
  •       Overdenture implants
  •       Soft tissue grafting
  •       Block grafting
  •       Titanium mesh reconstruction
  •       And more

To get the most out of your implant training, you are guaranteed to place a minimum of 30 implants as the lead surgeon and assist with another 30 or more implant procedures. By the end of the 5 days, you will have all the required skills and confidence to expand your home dental practice. There is no better way to further your education than with live implant training.

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