Master Sinus Lifts with Sinus Lift Courses

By taking advanced implantology courses, you can enhance your current skills and expertise for the patients you serve in your dental practice. Sinus lift courses take you to the next level of implant courses for expanded knowledge and experience beyond level-1 implant training.

What to Expect from Sinus Lift Advanced Implantology Courses
Just as the level-1 dental implant training is an immersive 5-days of hands-on surgical procedures, so too are sinus lift courses. During these five days, you will conduct at least seven sinus lift procedures while you will also assist other participants to perform another seven to 10 surgeries.

Similarly to implant training, your experience will come under the guidance of a trained expert in sinus lifts.

Types of Sinus Lifts Performed
During these advanced implantology courses, there are a number of surgical sinus lifts that you have the opportunity to complete. These may include, but are not limited to:

  •       Lateral window sinus lift
  •       Crestal/Internal approach sinus lift
  •       Piezo-surgery techniques
  •       Ridge splitting techniques
  •       PRF/PRP and dental implant complication management

Sinus Lift Implant Courses Prerequisites
To participate in this advanced dental implant training, there are certain qualifications needed prior to registering for the course. These prerequisites are necessary to achieve the quality of care standards necessary for every patient:

  •       Practical dental implant training and experience
  •       A minimum of 50 implants completed
  •       At least 1-year of oral surgery experience (or completion of level-1 Q-Implant Marathon

Once you have acquired the skills and experience that can progress your dental surgery career through dental implant courses in the USA, it’s time to take the next step in your professional evolution. That takes you through live sinus lift training.

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